Recruiting, Training, and Retaining is a top priority for most companies.

The vast majority of Millennials aren’t looking to stay at a company for more than a few years and 60% of them are looking for their next opportunity right now.

To recruit, train, and then lose an employee costs an average of 300% of the salary of the position.

What does it take to attract Millennials, develop them, and keep them around?

When YouGov asked Millennials aged 18-34 what brands they would be proudest to work for, this is the top 10 of 1400 brands:

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Netflix
  4. YouTube
  5. Microsoft
  6. Samsung
  7. Nike
  8. Disneyland / Disney World
  9. Johnson & Johnson
  10. Apple Inc. Magazine

Some of the brands on this list probably don’t surprise anyone.  But who expected Johnson & Johnson – a company that’s been around since 1886 to beat out Apple?  What has Johnson & Johnson done with it’s management structure to Recruit, Train, and Retain Millennials?

We know the answers to all these questions.

We know what Millennials want from a company as well as what will keep them, and it’s not an espresso machine or video games in the break room.




Give us a half-day with your most vested team members and we’ll show you the core values and characteristics of the emerging generation.  Afterwards, we’ll help you connect your own organizational values as a bridge of connection to the heart strings of Millennials – and the rest of your organization for that matter.


Culture Assessments & Team Performance Coaching

We’ll do a results-based assessment of your organization to give us a baseline of the performance of your organization.

We spend two half-days with you to show you the results of the assessment and guide your organization’s stakeholders to choose an informed path forward.  We do not walk out of those days without strategic plan of action.

Once per month, we’ll follow up with your leadership to keep you accountable for results and continued action steps forward.

At the end of 6 months, we will reassess your culture and track the gains that you’ve made.


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