Carter Moss
Pastor, Newbreak Church Ocean Beach & Editorial Advisor at SmallGroups.com
This event helped deepen my understanding of Millennials, and got me excited about all the potential they possess and all the powerful ways God wants to work in & through them! I highly recommend this event to any pastor, leader, or Christ-follower who is thinking missionally about Millennials.
Larry Peltier
Founder, Horizon School of Evangelism San Diego, California
It was a fantastic workshop on Millennials and very important information if you're going to attempt to connect with Millennials or market to them in any sense or way. I appreciate the advantage I have now in understanding what they think, what their values are, and what they consider to be important issues. I believe this kind of information can save you a lot of time making mistakes or having to learn from trial and error. Excellent materials and communicated in a professional manner. Easy to comprehend in a very open and relaxed atmosphere.
Rafee Jajou
Co-Pastor, Dwell Church - La Mesa, CA
Your synopsis of what Millennials want in a society, church, what their values and principles are confirmed where I am in my ministry and Dwell is as a church community.
Ron Ohst
Pastor, Grace Chapel of the Coast - Oceanside, CA
I was encouraged to see the incredible potential of this generation. They are going to change the world. They already have done it to a great extent. They are innately driven to connect their work to their heart. They are just waiting for us to introduce them to Jesus and his mission -- the most natural person and mission for any person to be passionate about. This generation is poised to advance the Kingdom of God on the earth in ways that our generation could barely dream was even possible. The future is looking incredible.
Peter D. Lepiscopo
Paul is one of the foremost thinkers on Millennials and practitioners of a multi-generational organizational culture. Spending time with Paul, it is not about theoretical talk; it is about actionable strategies that work, which translates into development of leaders who become more effective, teams who increase performance and efficiency, and organizations that experience increased productivity.