What We Do

Organizational Culture Assessment

Using a proven methodology, we will guide you to be a higher performing organization — an organization that achieves superior results.

We conduct an initial diagnostic that gives your team and primary stake-holders a clear picture of how they view competencies in 14 separate categories — categories that would be natural, and familiar to any team. Ask any team, “How are you doing?” and they will likely look at these areas


Team Coaching

We spend two half-days with you to show you the results of the assessment and guide your organization’s stakeholders to choose an informed path forward.  We do not walk out of those days without strategic plan of action.

Once per month, we’ll follow up with your leadership to keep you accountable for results and continued action steps forward.

At the end of 6 months, we will reassess your culture and track the gains that you’ve made.


We offer half-day on-site, in-person off-site, and via webinar.

Workshops can be tailored for leaders and managers or for your organization as a whole.

Topics include:

 Engaging Millennials

This generation has been called a lot of things, but the reality is they are the most diverse, most passionate, most educated, and most talented generation that we’ve produced in this country. They’ve given us social entrepreneurship like Tom’s shoes, the largest hotel chain – AIRBNB, the largest taxi service – Uber, President Obama, the Bernie Sanders craze, and much, much more. They’ve done more than flex their muscles. They are changing the world.

Millennials are currently 35% of the workforce and will be 50% of the workforce by 2020.

What does this misunderstood generation really want?  How can they be engaged?  How can their talent be harnessed?

All this and more is available in this workshop.

Specific Millennials Topics:

Multi-Generational Workplace

For the first time in American history, 4 generations are present in leadership in every organization and workplace, and a 5th generation is emerging.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll:

  • Gain the perspective of each generation – Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen X, & Millennials – and understand each generational personality.
  • Discover the true sources of generational conflict, while increasing communication and unity.
  • Leverage (not manage) the wisdom, perspective, talent, & innovation of the generations.
  • Learn a framework for resolving every generational conflict you will face.
  • Re-think leadership, culture, customer service, training & development, and more through the means of a fully integrated, intergenerational organization.

Multi-Generational Church

This workshop takes the key elements from Multi-Generational Workplace and applies them to re-thinking and adapting worship, outreach, community, and discipleship.

Additional Workshop Topics Available:

  • Mission, Vision, & Values
  • Developing the Talent Around You
  • Mentoring 101
  • Fundamentals of Coaching
  • Leading Across Generational Divides
  • Resolving Generational Conflict
  • Organizational Culture Creation
  • The Keys to Motivating People
  • StrengthsFinder